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Your everyday heroes: Maison Mollerus bags for your daily companion

Bags have long been more than just accessories - they are your indispensable companions in everyday life. Maison Mollerus has developed an impressive collection of bags that are not only stylish but also practical and functional. From spacious shopper bags to chic mini bags for your spontaneous city trip, let us take a look at some of the hottest models and why they are the icing on the cake for your everyday life.

1. The Smart Shopper: Perfect for the city and the office

The Maison Mollerus shopper is a true all-rounder and will be your ideal companion in everyday life as well as in the office. It not only impresses with its generous storage space, but also with its clear, stylish design that offers space for everything you need for a day. The high-quality leather trim material and flawless craftsmanship make it not only a fashion statement, but also a long-lasting must-have.

Our shoppers are available in three different sizes: GENEVA (small), BERN (medium) and ZURICH (large). They are the perfect companions for your everyday life, be it professional or private.

This year we listened to our customers' wishes and developed a brand new shopper model - GISWIL . This model combines all the advantages of a classic shopper, but also offers adjustable shoulder straps and a practical zipper. With the Maison Mollerus shopper you are perfectly equipped for shopping trips in the city or hectic everyday office life.

2. Mini bags for big city adventures

Sometimes you just need the essentials when you go out on the town. This is where the mini bags from Maison Mollerus come into play. These little wonders offer enough space for your smartphone, wallet and a few important little things. Perfect for a spontaneous visit to a café, lunch or a meeting with friends. Despite their compact size, they are real eye-catchers and give your look that certain something.

3. Quality and Style – Our trademark

No matter which model you choose, Maison Mollerus bags always stand for quality and style. Thanks to high-quality leather and masterful workmanship, they not only look fantastic, but also withstand the challenges of everyday life. The timeless designs go with every outfit and give your look an extra dose of elegance.

4. Sustainability and Ethics – Our Commitment

At Maison Mollerus we not only focus on style, but also on sustainability and ethics. We use high-quality materials and value environmentally friendly production processes. Our partnership with renowned tanneries guarantees that only the best leather is used.


Maison Mollerus offers a stunning selection of everyday bags, ranging from spacious tote bags to stylish mini bags. They all have one thing in common: quality, style and a strong commitment to sustainability and ethics. Invest in a Maison Mollerus bag and get not only a fashionable accessory, but also a reliable companion that will accompany you for many years.

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