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Me & Mollerus

We celebrate diversity, love, and the unique connections that our customers share with Maison Mollerus. Join us as we unveil their favorite stories and experience the true meaning of "Mollerus Moments.
Wir öffnen die Tür zu den Geschichten hinter den Taschen.
Entdeckt, wie Maison Mollerus nicht nur Taschen schafft, sondern Erinnerungen und Emotionen. Unsere Kunden sind mehr als nur Käufer – sie sind ein Teil der Maison Mollerus-Familie!
The embossing of the material at Maison Mollerus gives the bags a particularly elegant and understated touch that never fails to impress me. The fact that they are classic accessories makes them timeless companions suitable for any occasion. For me, my Maison Mollerus bags are not just accessories but genuine favorite pieces.

Caroline G. 

I wanted to associate the purchase of my first Maison Mollerus bag with a special occasion. After achieving that goal, I decided to reward myself. This bag is not just an accessory for me but a symbol of self-empowerment. I feel a strong connection and, overall, empowered by the bag and the brand. Owning this Maison Mollerus bag is more than just a material gain for me; it's a personal achievement that proudly and confidently accompanies me through everyday life.

Raika S. 

My connection to Maison Mollerus and my favorite bag, the Bern Shopper, began with a first encounter that not only marked the start of my love for the brand but also initiated a personal bond with the handcrafted accessories. 

Ewa S. 

The bags from Maison Mollerus create a special connection between my mother and me. My first Mollerus bag was a gift from my mother, and since then, I have expanded my collection with additional accessories. The Grindelwald waist bag has become particularly dear to me, accompanying me every day. For me, Maison Mollerus signifies not only style and high-quality craftsmanship but also a connection between different generations. The love and self-assurance that this brand conveys to me are incomparable. No matter how challenging a day may be, in my Mollerus bag, I always find something positive. Maison Mollerus is more than just a brand for me; it is a source of love and familiarity that enriches my daily life in a particularly beautiful way.
Maison Mollerus represents not only an eye-catching accessory for me but also the high artistry of Swiss craftsmanship. The brand aligns perfectly with my preferences as it embodies top-notch Swiss quality, and I have found the perfect products for me at Maison Mollerus. My accessories from Maison Mollerus are consistently admired and frequently prompt positive inquiries. It's not just a product; it's a statement that underscores my personal style while embodying the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship.

Jelena R. 

Thirty years ago, I first discovered Maison Mollerus products and harbored the desire to one day own such an exquisite accessory. Through a personal encounter with the CEO, Mimi Mollerus, my connection to Maison Mollerus was revived. With the bag, I not only feel stylishly equipped but genuinely accompanied. It is admirable how Maison Mollerus has bridged the gap between tradition and modernity. The timeless heritage of the company is skillfully translated into modern designs, giving the brand a unique and fascinating allure.

Sandrine R. 

I really appreciate the uniqueness of the design of my Maison Mollerus shoppers and I feel really special with this bag. For me, quality is the aspect that I value most, as it is particularly important when buying a bag.

Albulena H. 

Ever since I acquired my Maison Mollerus Shopper, it has seamlessly become an indispensable companion throughout my daily endeavors. This exquisite bag effortlessly weaves practicality into the fabric of my routine, providing an unparalleled blend of style and functionality. From dawn to dusk, the Maison Mollerus Shopper dutifully embraces the demands of my bustling lifestyle, securely enveloping the burdens of the day. Its well-crafted design not only mirrors elegance but also serves as a testament to the brand's commitment to both aesthetic appeal and utility.

Juliette V. 

The Sion Pouch Bag from Maison Mollerus, a gift for the birth of my daughter, is not only my first but also my faithful companion for 27 years. Impressive is that it still looks as flawless as on the first day. Supporting a traditional Swiss company is not just a matter of honor for me but also an expression of my pride. I will pass on this bag to my daughter with a clear conscience.
For me, Maison Mollerus embodies timelessness, the connection of generations, and a practicality that is simply unparalleled. The bags are not only crafted with a lot of style but also with love. Each bag is a kind of investment for me, and it is important that I can understand the values and the history behind it. The fact that Maison Mollerus is a family-run business that continues this tradition with such authenticity is particularly beautiful. It gives the products a certain authenticity and allows me to feel the connection to craftsmanship and the company's history. The awareness that these bags are not only timeless and stylish but also made with dedication and commitment by a family makes them special to me. It's like a journey through time and an investment in quality passed down from generation to generation.

Melanie S. 

This is what our customers say about us

I already own several bags from Mollerus, and I'm in love—no, shockingly in love. They are all incredibly beautiful. Whenever I want to treat myself, I make a purchase. This time, it was the practical yet stunning GLAND.

Dani G.

I've been circling around it for sooooo long. Finally, I'm holding my first Mollerus piece in my hands. What can I say, I absolutely love it. Well-thought-out execution, exquisite design, timeless elegance. The next piece will find its way to me faster ❤️.

Ramona G.

With this bag, I have fulfilled another wish. I am happy. The service and delivery are perfect as always. I would definitely recommend this bag in any case.

Yvonne J.


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