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Why are we having a sample sale?

At Maison Mollerus we know that true beauty lies in uniqueness. It's about appreciating the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make each product unique. This is exactly what is reflected in our commitment to quality and longevity. Today we are excited to open the curtains and give you an exclusive look at our sample sale.

Behind the scenes at Maison Mollerus

Due to our complex production process, it can occasionally happen that a certain model or even an entire collection doesn't quite fit into our current season vision. These products, brand new and untouched, have found their place in our showroom. It's not just about creating space, but also about living our philosophy. We want to distance ourselves from the fast fashion industry and offer you the unique opportunity to purchase these special pieces and give them new life.

Small imperfections, big stories

In addition, we offer bags that may have minor imperfections that occurred during production, transportation, storage or returns. These imperfections could be as minimal as a small scratch or slight dent. We would like to emphasize that these imperfections in no way affect the overall quality or functionality of the bags. They are part of their stories and make them special.

Quality and uniqueness at discounted prices

Each of these bags is truly individual due to its unique imperfections, but is still made with the same love, precision and care that you have come to expect from Maison Mollerus.

Maison Mollerus: quality and character that endure

We are proud to share our sample sale with you and we believe it not only provides insight into our world but also provides an opportunity to purchase high quality products at affordable prices.

Maison Mollerus stands for quality, uniqueness and timeless style. Visit us and discover how these principles come to life in each of our products.

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