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39 years of Maison Mollerus: A journey through time and style

Dear Maison Mollerus fans,

We are overjoyed and proud to be able to celebrate our 39th anniversary. It is a time of joy and gratitude as we reflect on nearly four decades of style, quality and your unwavering support.

A vision becomes reality

The journey began in 1984 with a vision that was deeply rooted in Ernst Mollerus' soul. He found his inspiration in his unwavering love and appreciation for his wife, to whom he wanted to give an extraordinary gift - handmade bags that were not only functional, but also artistic and elegant. These bags were intended to carry his wife's name into the world, a symbol of her unconditional love and reputation. This is how the brand “ Maison Mollerus ” was born, which was then known as “ Monika Mollerus ”.

Over the years the brand evolved and "Monika" became "Maison" to reflect the international character that lies in each of our handcrafted pieces. Maison Mollerus has found its permanent place in Switzerland, and our products have developed into timeless companions that not only represent elegance and quality, but also the warmth and connection that embodies our origin story.

The romantic and inspiring origin story of Maison Mollerus remains at the heart of our brand. It reminds us that true beauty and elegance lie in the love, passion and dedication that goes into each of our products. Our bags are not just an accessory, but a piece of history and a tribute to the love that once inspired them. And so we continue our journey of perpetuating our stories in the fabrics and stitching of our bags to keep the tradition of Maison Mollerus alive.

Swiss craftsmanship and elegance

From the very beginning, our brand was characterized by Swiss precision and elegance. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to the highest quality and craftsmanship has resulted in iconic bags and accessories that are not only functional, but also exude a timeless and stylish elegance.

In our collections we combine tradition and innovation to create products that last a lifetime. One thing remains unchanged - our close cooperation with the same producers, who are themselves family businesses. These partnership relationships are based on decades of know-how and trust, which are reflected in our creations.

We have always been proud to produce our products in close cooperation with these experienced producers. These long-standing partnerships are an essential part of our identity and a guarantee of the quality and excellence that characterize our brand. Our trust in these relationships has helped create timeless masterpieces that not only meet today's standards, but will also be meaningful for future generations.

A journey of growth and change

Over the last 39 years we have grown and developed. We have expanded our product range to meet the changing needs and demands of our customers.

Despite these advances, however, we have never neglected our roots or our deep commitment to craftsmanship.

We firmly believe that our traditions and commitment to the highest quality are the cornerstones of our brand and they will always remain anchored in our hearts.

Since 2012, Mimi Mollerus has taken over the company in the second generation. With her creative passion and breath of fresh air, she has brought a new dimension to the creation of our products. Their vision and ingenuity have helped take our brand to a new level, without forgetting the values ​​and principles that have always distinguished us.

This continuation of our brand in the Mollerus family is proof of how much we care about the brand and how much we believe in its future. We are convinced that the combination of proven craftsmanship and fresh creativity creates a unique synergy that continues to make our products distinctive and first-class.

Gratitude and anticipation

Our 39-year journey has been one of passion, craftsmanship and your unwavering support. We couldn't be more grateful for the time we spent with you and look forward to many more years of collaboration and style.

Thank you for being part of our story and here's to many more years of elegance and quality!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Ernst and Mimi Mollerus

with the entire Maison Mollerus team.

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