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We are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration between Maison Mollerus and Swissdent! Together we have created an exclusive travel kit that combines elegance and care in a unique product.

Our travel kit includes a high-quality toothbrush and a selection of Swiss dental care products from Swissdent, which are housed in an exclusive pochette from Maison Mollerus. This elegant combination offers you the opportunity to meet your dental care needs in style and comfort during your travels.

The Maison Mollerus Pochette, handmade with attention to detail, gives your travel kit an exclusive touch and is the ideal companion for your adventures. The Swissdent range offers premium dental care products designed by experts to give you a radiant smile wherever you are.

You can purchase this exclusive travel kit on board Swiss and Edelweiss to make your travel experience even more pleasant and stylish. Maison Mollerus and Swissdent - for a smile that travels the world.

Book your next trip and discover our exclusive travel kit on board!

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